CIMR® products sanitise air & surfaces and are 100% human and animal safe.


CIMR® M500 Series

The CIMR® M500 is s a mobile, handheld pocket-sized unit that provides compact Air and Surface Sanitisation while reducing unpleasant odours, contaminants and allergens for smaller indoor air spaces, small and large automobiles, cars, taxis, minibuses, trucks, R.V’S, caravans, campers, hotel and motel rooms.

Coverage: From 21m² to 46m²

CIMR 500 Series

CIMR® 500 Series

The CIMR® 500 is perfect for eliminating small or isolated indoor pollution and odors, often found in such areas as waiting rooms, small lobbies, hotel rooms, nursing home rooms, dorm rooms, and public restrooms.  Coverage is up to 500 square feet.

Coverage: From 1m² to 50m²

CIMR® 1500 Series

This ductwork insert specific product is designed for residential or commercial HVAC systems covering up to 150m².

Coverage: From 50m² to 150m²

CIMR® 2000 Series

This versatile portable model is frequently the first choice in homes and offices and is also used as a component in the technology package installed in commercial applications. The Home & Office model is very easy to set-up and operate.

Coverage: From 1m² to 200m²

CIMR® 4000 Series

The medium sized duct-work 4000 model designed for residential or commercial HVAC systems with a coverage capacity up to 400m².

Coverage: From 200m² to 400m²

CIMR 4000 Series

CIMR® 8000 Series

A larger of the Ductwork insert specific products, the DW-8000 is designed for residential or commercial HVAC systems covering up to 800m².

Coverage: From 400m² to 800m²

CIMR® 16000 Series

This hospital grade stainless steel product can be used in-duct or as a stand-alone unit for large applications and possess to sanitise environments with heavy microbial growth.

Coverage: From 400m² to 1600m²

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