Corporate buildings, office parks and more…

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 20% of the USA, and 20% of the Western Hemisphere population is subjected to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). SBS can be attributed to poor ventilation, high levels of chemical and microbiological pollution, such as VOC emissions – and mold (related to non-breathable materials such as plastic and latex, and humidity caused by lack of capillarity action of external walls to absorb toxins and move them and moisture through the walls to the outside).


Hospitals & Medical Facilities

In addition to Hospitals, the CDC identifies Nursing Homes and Assisted Living (Long Term Care facilities), Out Patient Care Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers, Oncology Centers (outpatient and inpatient), Dialysis Treatment Facilities, Dental Offices, Physician Offices, Out Patient Surgery Centers, and Laboratory and Diagnostic Centers as significant risks to infection and exposure to pathogens.


Production, packaging and distribution of food.

Too frequently the Food and Beverage Industry goal to deliver healthy food is disrupted by pathogens such as Salmonella Listeria moncytogenes, and Clostridium botulinum.

The USDA estimates the cost of food borne illness to be between $5.5 billion and $22 billion each year.

Improved disinfection and microbial reduction would save lives and money. 

Universities, schools and more…

The science of every building is unique. In order to ensure proper application of the technology please contact us for an environmental assessment.


Indoor fitness centres, gyms, clubs and classes.

With the close proximity of individuals in gymnasiums and fitness Centres, CIRM technology is the perfect solution to stop the spread of viruses and bacterial infections.


Airplanes, trains, busses, taxis and more…

The increased volume and speed of different forms of travel, create greater potential for transmission of pathogens. Interconnectedness of cultures and countries pose an even greater threat to public health.

Whether by shipping container, air plane, bus or train, the need for better protection from pathogens is a major concern.



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