Actively sanitises air & surfaces throughout any indoor environment.


About CIMR® Technology

CIMR® technology brings fresh clean air indoors to protect where you live, work and play!

CIMR® Infection Control Technology sanitises air & surfaces throughout any indoor environment within the first 24 hours and provides continuous protection from re-contamination. Read more


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CIMR actively destroys Viruses, Bacteria, Mold and Fungi.



CIMR has applications across countless industries, ensuring a healthy and safe working environment.



Internationally Compliant

CIMR® complies with various international health & safety standards, OSHA, RoHS, GS, CE, FCC and more. CIMR® also carries the Energy Star seal of approval.

Proven Technology

CIMR® has been tested and proven by multiple US government entities, including US Military Facilities (Army, Air Force, and the Navy), US Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, and the National Historical Society. Other entities such as Lamar University in Beaumont Texas, Texas Educational System, and National Insurance Companies have used CIMR® to protect their facilities.

Licensed use of the seal allows the companies that produce and market these products to tie their business to the excitement of space while helping inform the public of how space exploration directly benefits life on Earth.

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CIMR® effective against COVID-19

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